About us

Research Center for Molecular and Cellular Imaging (RCMCI) is the first research center in applied science and technology in medical imaging, affiliated with Tehran University of Medical Sciences (TUMS). RCMCI was established in 2010 in Imam Khomeini hospital, the largest clinical complex in Iran, aiming for the detection of structural and functional alterations in diseases at molecular and cellular levels. The main purpose for its establishment of RCMCI was to develop medical imaging technologies, invent and apply modern and cutting edge imaging, image reconstruction, and modeling methods, and design and develop related devices and systems, according to the domestic needs. RCMCI provides fundamental infrastructures for systematic collaborations between engineering, technology, research, medicine, and clinics in a common academic and research area. This common collaboration is oriented with the directions of RCMCI policies, which guarantees growing in research quality and fulfilling the national and international ethical considerations and mandatory standards for development of associated technologies in the field of molecular and cellular imaging. The main activity of RCMCI include research, training, and providing technical services in medical imaging, based on which, the deputy of research and deputy of academic affairs were assigned and in charge of the main masterly and professional activities at RCMCI.