The Advanced Medical Technologies and Equipment Institute, affiliated to Tehran University of Medical Science (TUMS),was established following the successful endeavors made by the Research Center for Science and Technology in Medicine, RCSTIM during the years 1994 to 2016. This center was the first research center in Iran for the application of science and technology in medicine, located in a general hospital, Imam Khomeini complex. This center has been recognized nationally and internationally for its great professional achievements in different fields of medical device technology. By providing a joint research environment for close cooperation of the engineering and clinical sectors, it has created a large applied medical research capacity that is adapted towards responding to the actual clinical needs. In particular, RCTIM could design and develop several Hi-Tech medical procedures, devices, and equipment which areadapted to the local technical considerations and clinical practice. The first specialized incubation center of medical equipment in Iran was established in the same line by the RCSTIM in 2001 to commercialize the technologies developed by the center. Following the expansion of the center's activities and the formation of many specialized research groups, two new centers established in 2010, namely the Research Center for Cellular and Molecular Imaging and the Research Center for Biomedical and Robotic Technologies. Later, in 2016, these three research centers were integrated to establish the Advanced Medical Technologies and Equipment Institute (AMTEI).