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Published Date: 2017/01/01
Published By: Dr Mohammad Reza Ay
Published At: Annals of Nuclear Medicine
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Shandiz, M.S., Rad, H.S., Ghafarian, P.,Bakhshayesh Karam,M., Akbarzadeh, A., Ay, M.R.

Purpose: Prostate imaging is one of the major application of hybrid PET/MRI systems. Inaccurate attenuation maps (µ-maps) derived by direct segmentation (SEG) in which the cortical bone is ignored and the volume of the air in cavities is underestimated is the main challenge of commercial PET/MRI systems for the quantitative analysis of the pelvic region. The present study considered the cortical bone and air cavity along with soft tissue, fat, and background air in the µ-map of the pelvic region using a method based on SEG. The proposed method uses a dedicated imaging technique that increases the contrast between regions and a hybrid segmentation method to classify MR images based on intensity and morphologic characteristics of tissues, such as symmetry and similarity of bony structures.