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Published Date: 2019/07/03
Published By: Dr Mohammad Ali Oghabian
Published At: Magnetic Resonance Materials in Physics, Biology and Medicine
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Vejdani Afkham, B., Masjoodi, S., Oghabian, M.A.,GhOdsi, S.R., Nazem Zadeh. M.R., Esmati. E., Gilasi, M., Hashemi, H.


Objectives:The goal of this study is to examine the effect of contrast agent (CA) dose and diffusion coefficient on the estimation of vessel size index (VSI).

Materials and methods: Three groups of four participants were enrolled in this study and two different experiments were performed. Different dose of CA, namely 0.1 mmol/kg and 0.05 mmol/kg were assessed in two groups of normal subjects. Diffusion coefficient effect was assessed in the third group with high-grade glioma. Imaging included gradient echo and spin-echo DSC and DTI on a 3-T MR Scanner.

Results: VSI estimation using half of standard dose of CA showed higher values compared to the application of standard, with a ratio of 2 for the WM and 1.5 for the GM. VSI estimates for tumor tissues (22 µm) were considerably higher compared to contra-lateral Normal-Appearing WM (NAWM, 4 µm, P < 0.01) and Normal-Appearing GM (NAGM, 8 µm, P < 0.04).