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Published Date: 2018/01/01
Published By: Dr Mohammad Reza Ay
Published At: Molecular Imaging
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Shandiz, M.S., Rad, H.S., Ghafarian, P., Yaghoubi, K., Ay, M.R.

Purpose: Prostate imaging is a major application of hybrid positron emission tomography/magnetic resonance imaging (PET/MRI). Currently, MRI-based attenuation correction (MRAC) for whole-body PET/MRI in which the bony structures are ignored is the main obstacle to successful implementation of the hybrid modality in the clinical work flow. Ultrashort echo time sequence captures bone signal but needs specific hardware-software and is challenging in large field of view (FOV) regions, such as pelvis. The main aims of the work are (1) to capture a part of the bone signal in pelvis using short echo time (STE) imaging based on time-resolved angiography with interleaved stochastic trajectories (TWIST) sequence and (2) to consider the bone in pelvis attenuation map (ยต-map) to MRAC for PET/MRI systems.