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Published Date: 2018/08/09
Published By: Dr.Alireza Mirbagheri
Published At: 2017 24th National and 2nd International Iranian Conference on Biomedical Engineering (ICBME)
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Abasali Amini ; Alireza Mirbagheri ; Amir Homayoun Jafari

In this paper, an architecture for bilateral control of force and position in a teleoperation robotic system with nonlinear model of 1 DOF has been introduced. We assumed a time varying delay of up to 150 millisecond in both forward (master to slave) and backward (slave to master) communication channels. At the 1st stage two separate PID controller with specially tuned parameters are used for each master and slave robot which locally control each robots in an impedance bilateral control architecture of force at master side and position at slave side. At the 2nd stage an optimal controller is used for each side with the same architecture of impedance bilateral control method. Then the position tracking of slave side commanded from master one and force tracking of master side which commanded from slave one has been investigated for both proposed methods. Although the PID controller was performed acceptable in position control of the slave robot, but at the master side the robot oscillates when the slave robot touch the remote environment. However the optimal controller at both master and slave sides, established a stable position track and transparent force feedback.