About Us

The Research Institute of Advanced Medical Technologies and Equipment is the result of many years of successful efforts by our country’s researchers in the form of the Science and Technology Research Center in Medicine. The center was established as the first research center in the field of application of science and engineering in the field of medicine in the country. Clinical and conducting research activities in the path of industrial independence of the country and the development of technologies for designing and manufacturing new medical equipment should take steps according to local considerations.

Following the expansion of the center’s activities and the specialization of research and activities, in 2010, two more centers were established under the names of the Cellular-Molecular Imaging Research Center and the Biomedical and Robotics Technology Research Center. It is hoped that this will provide some of the space needed for our country to be among the leading countries in the field of new medical technologies. Among the programs of this collection are expanding the boundaries of knowledge and efforts to train and research advanced medical technologies in the world and training capable human resources in the field of advanced medical technologies to develop and improve the country’s health, review, identify and help meet the needs of different sectors. The health and medical services of the country are in the field of development and application of technology and establishing a favorable relationship with the specialists and innovators of scientific and research centers inside and outside the country.